Don’t download Vista Service Pack 2!

Over the past one year, I’ve been using Windows Vista (infact one of the few in the college who backs Vista!), but now it sucks, I’m telling you, cuz it looks as if Microsoft’s wanna make it look really bad, with the last release, Service Pack 2 destroyed my faith in Vista. After installing Service Pack 2 (which took nearly one and half hours), rebooted several times as only a blank screen showed up, and nothing used to come until finally I did have the patience to sit through the blank screen and finally it came back. But after that, Vista was going haywire! Many services stopped working, like search indexing, and booting took a real long time! I decided then to uninstall Service Pack 2, which proved to be doomsday for Vista in my notebook! It simply stopped logging in after uninstallation cuz windows license has been wiped out! Man, I’d enough of Vista, and now looking at other alternatives. I’ve ubuntu 9.04, which is good (not without it’s share of problems!) and windows 7 which, honestly, is the most user friendly operating system ever! I bet it beats Mac too! And it’s good too, cuz now Microsoft guys are looking for developers to hop into the Windows development. They are allowing more freedom for users to tweak 7. So for now, I’m looking to forgo Vista, and I suggest you NEVER download SP2, it’s at your risk!

Ps : If you ever want to try uninstalling SP2, then check my other post…..

Uninstalling Vista SP2


Vista SP2 has arrived

The Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista has finally arrived after months of testing. It can be downloaded using the automatic updates, like I did this morning. Also you can download it from the Microsoft Download site.

Some of the features of the SP2 are

  • Event logging support in SPC
  • Fixes for DRM issues from WMP upgrades
  • Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless
  • Functionality to reduce resources required for sidebar gadget

You can read more about the changes in SP2 in this blog.

I downloaded this morning, it’s about 375mb size, and took around 1 and half hours for install. It got stuck at booting for quite a long time (I actually rebooted several times, till I found out that it was part of installation process!). Frankly, there’s no big difference after installation, except that system properties shows vista sp2…. 🙂 … Anyways, those of you who still stick on to Vista must download this, cuz this improves security……..whatever…..

Some Firefox Customisations….

Today, I’ll discuss on few add-ons that can make browsing in firefox a little more interesting. Though firefox has a lot of add-ons to offer, but these will definetly lead to performance lags, which is one of the major problems of firefox for the past few years.

First of all, for those who have no clue about this, Firefox add-ons are those which enable you to customise firefox the way you want it to be, and also preload firefox with extra features. You can view some of the recommended add-ons by simply clicking on tools in the menu bar, then click on add-ons and then recommended add-ons.

I’ll tell you some of the usefull add-ons that I use. I’m a “try it all” kind of guy, and I’m currently using a few of them. Do comment on some other usefull, or cool add-ons that you have found out, or using….. Continue reading

Connect to internet from your computer using mobile GPRS modem

Many of you have GPRS enabled phones (that which allows you to connect to net in the mobile), and some of you would have got mobile internet plan. So, that’s ok, but how do you use it to connect to the Internet from your computer?

Well there are softwares (like Nokia PC Suite and Sony Ericsson’s likewise), which allow you to connect to net. But sometimes, like in my case, it can be a bit annoying using these softwares. However there’s a way to do so manually.

Firstly, connect your phone with the computer using either bluetooth or usb cable. Now you must make sure that the modem driver is installed in the computer. For that, you must check out the bluetooth property, if you’re connected via bluetooth, check out the properties of the desired phone, go to services and check whether the modem is ticked(installed). If not, tick it and it’ll install automatically. But in some cases, like nokia phones, there are no windows drivers available. So install them using nokia pc suite, and then do the afore mentioned steps.

Next step is to create a new connection. For that, go to Network and Sharing Centre(in Vista, in XP it’s Network), set up a new connection(Connect to the Internet),  select new connection, then select the , modem from the list(i hope you can figure it out in XP), then leave the username and password blank, while in number box, enter : *99***x#, where x can be any no ranging from 2-9. Then the connection is set up and wallah, you are connected to the Internet using your mobile phone.

Right now i’m connected to the net using this method, I’m using Sony Ericsson K750i, and connected using bluetooth. I use BSNL postpaid service, which has an unlimited download GPRS plan for Rs199/month. It’s quite good, and using a better phone (like the Nokia E51, which I so disgraciously lost 😦 ), you can much much better speeds, sometimes reaching 25Kbps(well, it’s quite an achievement for gprs!). Though not in comparison to Reliance internet and others like it, it still makes up to be a good choice.

Any queries and suggestions, please do drop in a comment. I’ll keep updating this post as I hope to try connecting using the mobile in Ubuntu. 

**The OS i’m using is Windows Vista, though it’s almost the same in Windows7….

Windows 7 review…

Windows 7

Windows 7

Now there’ll be a series of blogs which will deal with windows 7, where it’s release candidate version is available on the net.

I’ll edit this page soon, with some interesting reviews……

Anyways if you want to get this straight away, you can do so by clicking on this link.

Some of my posts are there… check it link out……

Continue reading

India’s mandate…….

Election09 India

Election'09 India

So, the election results are out, and one of the most resounding of all, Congress has swept the polls!

Nobody, not even the Congress, have dreamt of such a result. And it couldn’t have come at a better time than now! What a fitting reply to Communists nagging politics, even they have lost in their homeground(West Bengal)!

As it goes, Rahul Gandhi gets most of the credit, and it’s heartning to see many young people have entered politics. His gamble in UP has paid off, so as in the rest of the country. Certainly, Manmohan Singh’s popularity has had an effect in this election. And now, we’ll have the most stable government in many, many years! Continue reading