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Election09 India

Election'09 India

So, the election results are out, and one of the most resounding of all, Congress has swept the polls!

Nobody, not even the Congress, have dreamt of such a result. And it couldn’t have come at a better time than now! What a fitting reply to Communists nagging politics, even they have lost in their homeground(West Bengal)!

As it goes, Rahul Gandhi gets most of the credit, and it’s heartning to see many young people have entered politics. His gamble in UP has paid off, so as in the rest of the country. Certainly, Manmohan Singh’s popularity has had an effect in this election. And now, we’ll have the most stable government in many, many years!

But, though I’m happy with this result, I feel sad for the BJP, who were expected to win in the previous elections in similar, if not better than what has been seen this time around. What I actually felt was that BJP was unduly disrespected in the previous elections, for I believe they have helped in the progress of the nation more than what the UPA had. Yes, it’s true that CPI had affected the policies of the UPA, but even then the BJP had one of the best Ministers the country has ever seen, for example Arun Shourie, Pramod Mahajan, A.B Vajapayee, and many more. Yes, they’ve dealt with the Hindutva line, but go to Gujarat and see, is there any real sign of Hindutva in Modi’s reign as Chief Minister? He’s brought more development into the state than worry about promote Hinduism in the state. No wonder why people have voted for Modi for consecutive assembly elections. He’s once said that he cares for the people of Gujarat, not hindus only. He’s a very tactical brain, and knows which direction he must lead for state’s prosperity.

But then, BJP has been over-confident. In the previous elections, it’s said they’ve lit their candles too early for the dinner of victory. What they thought was that efforts they have taken for the country’s prosperity was enough to gain the people’s confidence in them. I remember the many ads they’ve aired in TV, on many hoardings across the country and so on. What they’ve failed to realise is the people’s understanding of all these. Many have taken it to be a kind of show-off by the ruling party, and hence tend to go away from it.

The Congress, on the other hand, were quiet, expecting that people would vote for BJP to a resounding victory. They themselves had no hopes against the briliant policies the NDA had adopted during it’s term at the helm of the country. And once they were voted to power, were confused on what would be the next step.

This time aruond, again the BJP were over-confident. They were expecting an anti-incumbency factor to turn in favour of them, skipping their homework…….Homework? Yes, the h/w for not being too much of a show off (sorry i couldn’t get a better word for that!). If you see closely, the BJP was the party with the most advertisements, and all. They have made a great website, ok ads etc etc. But what they have failed to grasp is the people’s mind, which go for a party they think who does not show of as much…….. Also, there’s that natural tendency for we Indians (which I’ll talk later), that has caused the BJP’s downfall.

But in the end, we all agree that this was the best ever election result for many decades. Best in the sense that the continuity at the centre has been maintained for the first time since Nehru’s era, and now we all hope to see a brighter India, ahead of many challenging issues to come in the future.


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  1. Hi dude …. I agree with you totally! Kudos to the UPA I say, but it would have been a hell lot better got us to have an NDA government :(. But the funny thing is that the NDA hasn’t got a lot weaker, it has performed really well in it’s traditional strongholds. But the fact is that the small, divisive regional parties have got a beating and this is very good news for all of us. And the commies? Those idiots are almost irrelevant now :). That a national level party has come to power is good news for all of us. Let’s hope that they are strong in dealing with terror and the economy. Oh btw, welcome to Amrita summer of blogging!

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