Some Firefox Customisations….

Today, I’ll discuss on few add-ons that can make browsing in firefox a little more interesting. Though firefox has a lot of add-ons to offer, but these will definetly lead to performance lags, which is one of the major problems of firefox for the past few years.

First of all, for those who have no clue about this, Firefox add-ons are those which enable you to customise firefox the way you want it to be, and also preload firefox with extra features. You can view some of the recommended add-ons by simply clicking on tools in the menu bar, then click on add-ons and then recommended add-ons.

I’ll tell you some of the usefull add-ons that I use. I’m a “try it all” kind of guy, and I’m currently using a few of them. Do comment on some other usefull, or cool add-ons that you have found out, or using…..

Personas for Firefox

A very good aesthetic add-on, it themes your firefox to your liking. There are lots of themes, and some of them turned out to be nice. Also you can create one for yourself too! I say a must for every Firefox user, cuz that sets Firefox apart from other browsers!

PS: There is a small problem to this add-on. Sometime it does not store the theme. Rather it fetches from the web whenever you go online. So, it might not turn up during offline browsing, but it’s not such a problem though…..

CHM Reader

This is an add-on which has saved me in my BTrech exams! This helps to view the CHM files, which can be an E-Book, software documentation etc. It’s a handy tool, and viewing and siphing through contents of the file is pretty easy with the menu sidebar. Simple tool, yet efficient.

Download Helper

Well, this add-on would have not got a mention here(i’m not a great fan of download accelerators), had been it’s vitality in downloading youtube and other videos on the net. It’s very easy, an icon appears on the top left of the video, and there’s to normal download, quick download etc. There’s also the option to download and convert the videos. This has made my life easier for downloading videos on youtube. I’ve not used other features, I’ll check it out and post it here if I find anything interesting.


This one’s for those who like to tinkle with the websites. It show’s the complete HTML code, plus all the scripts, javascripts and others too. It lets you to change the site code too, usefull for hacking. Plus this gives an advantage for wanna be web developers for to learn the minute aspects of website building. A must for web developers.

Download StatusBar

This is wuite an useful add-on, which shows all the current status of the downloading items just above the status bar of the browser. You can also pause, resume, open downloaded file and delete them too. A must for those who download a lot.

Some of the Other Useful Add-ons


This is another add-on which alerts you about the web bugs, ad networks and widgets on every page on the web.Web bugs are hidden scripts that track your behavior and are used by the sites you visit to understand their own audience. One of the ways you can keep yourself secure!


This is another aesthetic add-on, which quuickly switches between tabs using interactive tab switching modes. This is quite a good tab switching, which has windows aero tab, ubuntu’s window tab  and other 3d tab switches. It does take some time to load, and not the quickest of the switches.


Another “can live without” add-on, which show’s the country of origin of the sites you browse.

Well that’s it for today……I’m kinda getting cramped up cuz I’m using mobile GPRS, that gives me a max of 5KBps download. To download the add-ons, go to this link


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