Recession, my views….

Year 2009. The year will be remembered, of course, for the biggest recession in the World’s free trade history. It has affected nearly every corner of the globe. Even I’m affected, for we have to move to another home on account of this! Every economy has seen sharp falls in their stock markets. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy, many have already given thousands of red letters to their employees, many factories have been shut, fall in demand of automobiles and more. Yes, this indeed is the biggest recession, and governments around the world are spending huge resources on restoring the markets, US shelling out nearly a trillion dollars. And there would be one small voice, not that small though, who would be saying – “See what capitalism has done? Now they regret in going against socialism!”.
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Home-the Movie

One fine day, after the satisfaction of submitting the packages to OpenSolaris Source Juicer as part of a project, I was spending time at the lab chatting, thinking of going home that night. And in the evening, we were all called to watch a documentary, which was said to be the most moving ever among all documentaries relating to saving our environment. Well, most of us were reluctant, as I do think these documentaries a bit boring honestly. But anyways I was pulled out of the lab, and took seat in the E-Learning centre with AC full on. I thought I might enjoy the AC and take nice rest. So after scanning the place, filled with faculties and others alike, I set my eyes on the big screen where many pairs of eyes glued to. The documentary went through many aerial shots of beautiful landscapes, trees, rivers, waterfalls, ice caps, everything they showed. I did not heed to the commentary much. But later I was absorbed into it, not because of the beautiful landscapes it showcased, but the reality that was happening in the world. One startling fact for me was the amount of food grains generated by the US for the cattle farming, so that the meat consumption can be met. I couldn’t believe this one fact. Continue reading

What happened Team India?

India down The last ball of the match, India vs England. 8 runs were required of it, a glimmer of hope that an extra can be gained, a no-ball from the bowler, wide, anything. But then none of that happened, and Dhoni smashed it for a 4. Then celebrations erupted, from the home side (who though are knocked out of the world cup anyway), and their opposition in despair. Continue reading


One afternoon, my friend had visited my home. As the chat went on, I asked him about his younger sister. He then narrated a story :

That Friday was usual, Mom’s great breakfast, last night’s Bangalore Royal Challenger’s (My team!) victory, had a nice time with the backyard cats, the chit-chats with the neighbours, a good lunch of rice and beans, but it all changed with the sobs. Continue reading

Dr. Kalam’s Incredible India

We love our former President of India, Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam. He, I believe, is one of the Best President we ever had. I tried everything in his power to bring about development in our country. He traveled all around to give inspiring to many a student. And even now, he’s there to do what best he can to make India a supreme power. Continue reading

Project Creation Failed – Visual Studio 2008

vs08Now you are trying to create a project in Visual Studio 2008, like web or C#, and you are getting the error “Project <project name> Creation Failed….” or something like that at the status bar. So what you are going to do?

Well, there are a few ways of doing, but the one that got me working is this.

Go to Command Prompt (press Win button + r to get run command and type cmd).

Now go to visual studio directory. Normally it is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE

Then type command “devenv /ResetSkipPkgs”

So that worked for me.

I guess you can also simply type the above command in the run box itself.

The reason seems that few packages are skipped during loading…… Check this link

If that did not work you, try these links out

If none of them works, try re-installing it ! 🙂