Chicken a la Carte : An insight to the horrific truth about hunger

This is a short film which was adjudged the best in the Berlin International Film Festival for Short Film Competition on the theme : Food, Taste and hunger. Watch…….

More about my views…

First thing I thought about this video, honestly, was never to waste food!

But this harsh reality has left me astonished as to what extent drive for hunger has taken to. I’ve never in my dreams have imagined such a situation where a Father feeds a plentiful of children from the food remains of a hotel! I just can’t imagine how can a family live on such things….. It left me bewildered for a while whether I’m doing the right thing, by being well fed and nourished at home will serve any purpose to the cause of many who die of hunger. I just don’t know what to do at that time.

But then, I realised that this is the fact of life. People resort to these things because they have no other option. And many die of hunger because of our greediness. What can we do? This is the nature’s law. You spoil nature, you spoil us. You manipulate nature, you manipulate us. Whatever we have we done to nature, we have got it back. This has been the story since the dawn of mankind.

I believe that proper education is a must for every person. By proper I mean that people be eduacted to learn to make the right decisions, co-operte in the society for I believe that if work together, we reap better, Helping others will only help yourself. If we have a proper society, then everything will come into place. Only when people come together that any ruling authority can help them. Only togetherness can tackle a corrupt government. This is my idea, what’s yours???????


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