Personalise in Windows 7 : Even more personalisable!

Personlise Select

Ok, so I’m going to start a list of Windows 7 reviews, and today I’ll talk about the revamped Windows Appearance control, which now you can access using Personalise after right-clicking on desktop.

Yes, it was there in Vista, but tell me what more can you do other than changing the border colour, wallpapers, and other small things, quite inconsiquential.


But in Windows 7, it has been upgraded to meet style with elegance. Certainly i like the idea of having themes, combining list of wallpapers with sound and colour schemes. And that’s not all, you can configure them too the way you like, add more wallpapers, put different colour scheme, different Sound set and change screen saver. Also you can download some of the themes too online, from Microsoft site. Well, it did not provide multiple wallpapers, but the wallpaper and colour scheme matched well. The pics below says it all.

Also there are more options, like changing screen saver, changing icons, and also there’s the option display, which has been beefed up to include more options, like calibrating the display, cleartext management, resolution update and many more. These are quite advanced features, and need not be meddled with unless really required.

Colour Balance

Gamma Adjustment

Also, there’s now the option to connect to the projector, which now supports these options as shown below. Certainly, the user friendliness has increased. So these are quite a few customisations one can do to the appearance of the Windows 7 desktop.

Projector Setup

So this is my starting. It’s nothing actually, but it’s worthwhile to note that Microsoft have put their heads together and look into what’s more practical than their fiasco-Vista.


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