Wanna smoke????? think twice…..

Smoking KillsI hate smoking. I’ve not had an experience of smoking, but I do know the effects it can have on people. Infact, as a small kid, I did have a puff or two at the party where my Dad went. I don’t remember it much, but I’m in no mood to do it again. Smoking is bad, I can tell you very bluntly. I actually believe drinking alcohol is fine, if it’s under moderation. It’s even better though that you don’t drink now smoke. But smoking is itself BAD.

One day I went to small shop near my home, to get some few things. I felt hungry, and so asked for cream bun they had. I then went inside the shop to get some relief from the scorching heat. But what was inside was way from relief. What was inside was a haze of smoke, with men seen in the vicinity puffing smoke. I got out at that instant, coughing. Later I saw the old man running the shop with his son, providing more cigarettes to those puffers. It’s the usual story in most of Kerala, small shops riding on the business of selling cigarettes, where if they stop selling, their business would plummet. The next day, when I went by that shop, I saw a swarm of people near the shop, mourning. I learnt later that the old man had died. What cause i don’t know, but it’s certain that passive smoking has taken a toll on him.Coughing Ashtray!

This is the sad story in my state. There are initiatives in other parts of the country to promote “Quit Smoking” campaigns and so on. But here, nobody dare do so. It seems that it is in their blood to smoke, just like the stars they see on screen, puffing smoke after a great battle. Well, it’s true that films have had an impact on smoking. No, it’s not those that’s against smoking, but those that portray smoking as “style”. In my native place, that’s Karanataka, Raj Kumar had acted a movie on the diverse affects of what drinking and smoking can have on livelihood of rural families. I think I needn’t explain further on this, you know that. This movie did have a great impact on few villages in K’taka, that many did quit smoking and drinking. But such films are rare, and smoking is on the rise, so is rampant alcohol consumption.

It’s like a style statement for the youth to smoke. If you don’t smoke, you are a kid they say. That’s what has entrapped many young men and women into this nasty habit. Yes, it’s on the rise in major cities and other places, this smoking. It also gives them pleasure they say, filling their lungs with hazardous smoke gives them peace and happiness they say. What I can think about is how many days they have left to live, “peacefully”!

Just few days ago, Government has imposed mandatory rule to reserve 40% of the space on cigarette packs for a skull, and tell not to smoke, etc. Is that enough? Will it, in any way, make people think twice on smoking? Na, they probably would read for a minute, astonished what effects can be caused by smoking while puffing in smoke, and then carry on their work, that’s puffing more! They are not going to let go of that habit so easily. It’s a contagious habit, smoking, and they are not going to let go of it so easily. That’s why there are quit smoking therapies (sorry, I couldn’t think of a better for it, please do comment!) and it’s a difficult process I hear, difficult for men who are planning to quit smoking.

A cigaretteBut the real danger is passive smoking, and I really feel hatred over those men who smoke in their homes, with wife and children around. Passive smoking is even more deadly then active smoking, and many more deaths have been reported of that. It’s just isn’t right at all, I mean how can it be for no fault of theirs, except them breathing the air. It’s like them breathing the very air that will one day kill them! This is the thing that drives me against smoking. Fine, if it does not affect others, it’s upto them, but when it can harm others, it’s not right. I see men usually, smoking in bus stops, buses, restaurants, and other public places. They simply have no right to infect the air that others breathe in too, I feel. Yeah, there’s a law implemented that prohibits public smoking, but this is India, where has the authorities observed this fact, who themselves are in this racket!

We, as a citizen, must tell them, no, order them to quit smoking I feel. I feel outraged when somebody next to me smokes. But I’ve never taken the next steps, to tell them, to order them to drop it, the weed. Yes we can play a part in this, we can suggest to our friends who smoke regularly to stop. We can form a group, an organisation that campaigns against smoking, encourage smokers to join quit smoking programs(I’ve still not got that!), make shop keepers stop selling cigarettes, drive against Beedi manufacturers and many more.

A cigarette shotgunI’ve shared my thoughts, please do comment on this, and tell me any views, suggestions, ideas that you have in mind. Cuz we all know that smoking is not one that should sieze to exist. I would update this page time to time, but for today, that is Wednesday 3rd of June 2009, I’ve written, and these are my thoughts, cuz I believe that smoking is injurious to health.

These are few videos that I checked on net, against smoking. I’ll add some more if I find one…………or you can suggest too!



  1. Sorry, I mean “If you only know the bad effetcs of smoking, you don’t understand people who smoke, and you havn’t the right to say stupid things about it.”

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