Things you can do in your GMail…..

So you have a gmail account, yeah almost everyone have it. It’s not surprising that many just use it for reading mails, and not explore the amazing options this simple yet sophisticated mailing from Google. So this post will tell you what more you can do with GMail….

Firstly I want to focus on how you can migrate from other mail accounts to gmail……. and then I’ll go on to tell more about cool features…….


Migrating to GMail…..

So you have another account, yahoo, hotmail, or even gmail. So now you want to create a new gmail account, but you want to get the mails being sent to your previous account……. So how do you do it????

It’s pretty simple actually. You can just go to settings the top – right hand corner of your gmail window, and click on settings. Then click on accounts and you will get this window. (You can click on the image if you are logged in to GMail)….

Settings - Account

Ok now you go on to click “Add a mail account….” there. So now you will get a new window and then you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. With this, the GMail will then check out it’s mail settings and return a window as seen below….

Add AccountSo now you enter your password, and you don’t have to meddle with other properties. But you can put it in a different label, make the mails from other skip your inbox and so on. And then there you have it, the mails from your account(s) will have been forwarded to this account…………… 🙂



Well, this is one of the common features in many mail sites, but the one GMail is I guess the best. It’s so simple to create a filter, and that too it uses search technique to filter your e-mails the way you want. So like if you are getting mail-letters from your particular friend, or a website mailing site or so on, you can filter them into labels on the left hand corner. To do that, go to settings again, select filters, and then on the bottom you will see a link to create new filters.

Settings - Filters

So once clicked, you get quite a lit of options. This is to refine your search of mails for filtering. So you can, for example getting mails from Orkut about new scraps, you can simply type orkut in from box, and the best part is you can test search it. If the test search shows the mails you want to be filtered, click next step.

Once there, you will get options, like skip inbox, put it in a new label, so on. This I guess you can figure out. This filter does not mean only to filter it to labels, you can also filter those mails which are not spam but come to inbox. In that case you can simply check delete option and so you won’t have to worry about those mails! Also if it’s from a mailin list or mails from different sender or recievers, but have a common subject, you can check those mails, find what’s common and put it in “has the words”, test search and figure it out……. I use it a lot, and I love it, because it filters mails so well. You will enjoy it too, and you will see a clutterless inbox.


Quick Links

This is a small nifty feature, where for example you want to frequently change your GMail themes. Instead of 3 clicks for it (settings -> themes -> select theme), i can go directly go to it by quick links.

All you have to do is just go to themes from settings, and then on your left below, you will see a quick links box. Now add quick link, name like you wish, and there you, it’s done. Small,  but handy feature for me!


Google Labs

Now this feature has been there for quite a long time, but I’ve not many use them much. Yes, they can have bugs, but they are fun though and some are really usefull. I’ll list some of them which I’ve tried here.


Offline GMail

Offline GmailNow, this has been the star feaure of Google labs in GMail. This is a feature where you can view gmail even when you are offline. To enable this feature, go to settings, click on lab tab, and then check enable Offline GMail (I guess it appears first in the list).

Then it will start synchronising it, by that it stores all the mails in your computer and all the attachments along with. It will store till 2 years ago (you can configure it to store more than that too). Once done, it will sync from time to time. But this is not error-free though. I tried it in mine (Ubuntu-9.04), and it shows error at times. But it works anyways, and good too, you can check the mails whenever you want, offline!


Multiple Inboxes

Multiple Inboxes

The image says it all. This is quite a nice feature, which uses search results in GMail to show e-mails as it is filtered into labels. This is, what I like most, is you can see all the mails at once. You can have 5 inboxes on the side, or above/below the actual inbox. It has it’s share of errors, as it won’t show the e-mails immediately, it takes a refresh for the new e-mail to come up in the inboxes! For this, the search query for e-mails are used. Better way of going about it is use the label search query (just check the search box above once you click on the label) if you have created a label. Or even if you don’t have, create one and then do the inboxes thing. It’s good….!


So there you have it.Some of, I think, the most usefull features you can decorate your GMail with. It has loads of features, and more! It keeps getting better, with the labs doing a good job at that. Kudos to google team for bringing out a beautifull e-mailing tool! I’ll keep updating this post if I find something new and useful. Till then, you can check out a few links that deals with GMail functionalities and , of course, you can try it out yourself! There are a lot of labs features that I’ve not touched upon, some of them might be cool too. So do drop in a comment if you find such new features. Also you can comment for help here too, if you face any problems. So happy gmailin guys!

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