Dr. Kalam’s Incredible India

We love our former President of India, Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam. He, I believe, is one of the Best President we ever had. I tried everything in his power to bring about development in our country. He traveled all around to give inspiring to many a student. And even now, he’s there to do what best he can to make India a supreme power.

There is one article of his, that I liked the most, which reflects how most Indians don’t respect their mother land. The most recent incident, the racial attacks on Indians in Australia and at the same time, the burning of trains in Bihar. Yes, there have been brutal attacks on Indians on basis of racism. We have seen how Indians protesting in streets in Australia, blocking roads, and the police there having to resort to man-handling the people. This reminds me of many strikes that took place in Kerala especially, and also many other places too. There was one trucker strike, and many trucks laden with  tomatoes  and other vegetables, were stranded there. Tomatoes were like sold for less than Re 1, when it was sold like nearly Rs 50 in other places. Also during strikes, shopkeepers are forced to shutter their shop. This is one of the few things that angers me a lot. People who wish to observe the strike/hartal shall close their shops, one must not force them to do so.

Even more outrageous of them is the torching of trains in Bihar because Railways have reduced the number of stops in Bihar for a super-fast train. Railways lost Rs 50 lakh for each bogie torched. Is this a way to bring about improvement/development in India? There are many such incidents where they have protested against Government policies by destroying the tools Government use to bring about growth. These pointless acts have only made us go one step forward, but take two steps back!

This very negativity has been highlighted by Dr Kalam in this article. Do check it out in this link.


The Jewish are known for gunning for growth even inspite of the horrors they face, a very good example is Israel. Why not we learn from them? Why not we play a part in progress of the nation? We can, sure. By putting the waste in it’s appropriate place will help. By making the best use of whatever the Government have provided will help. There are many things in the article that Dr Kalam have touched upon. It’s a beautiful article, and I’m sure even you would be inspired by it, if unless you are not an Indian……..

Bharat Mata Ki Jai Ho….


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