One afternoon, my friend had visited my home. As the chat went on, I asked him about his younger sister. He then narrated a story :

That Friday was usual, Mom’s great breakfast, last night’s Bangalore Royal Challenger’s (My team!) victory, had a nice time with the backyard cats, the chit-chats with the neighbours, a good lunch of rice and beans, but it all changed with the sobs.

I was having a nice nap after lunch, when suddenly someone came in to my home, crying. My Mom rushed towards the entrance, my Dad cried out “What happened Sree? Why are you crying?”.

I couldn’t believe it. My sister crying? I’ve never known her crying since she was a baby, that too she was a happy baby. I just tried to rub it off as a dream, and went out of my bedroom to check it out.

But it was not to be, a dream. There she was, her eyes engulfed with tears, her face shocking pink. I’ve never seen her like this, my sister was a jolly going girl, tears is not what you associate with her.

Then she said “He was walking behind me, he was watching me by the time I left the college”. “Who, who is it?” my Dad and Mom together asked. “He then overtook me, walking fast, and he was taking pictures of me from the mobile held in his hand. And then all of a sudden he stopped next to me and held my hand. I shouted ‘Rascal, what do you think you are doing? I’ll smash you into pieces.’ And then he left around the bend, and I walked quickly here.” My sister said, and more tears gushed out of her eyes, Mom beside her for support, the twinkle of tears in hers.

It was shocking for me to believe what such an incident can do to my sister. I then began to understand how grave is the situation for many a woman in this country, facing the menace of eve-teasing.

Indian women have been a subject of harassment here in our country. The women working late-night at call-centers in Bengaluru being harassed by taxi drivers and men loitering around streets is one such example. There have been incidents too of murders few years ago. And many such incidents have taken place all over the country, it’s spreading like rapid fire. Men who have nothing better to do other than being a menace, catch hold of woman who are helpless alone, who cannot defend themselves. These men have ashamed us, for being an Indian they have no whatsoever respect for the Indian women. For the past few generations, especially the pre-Mughal era, Indian women have played an important role in shaping our culture. Everyone have high respect for woman, and there was almost no case of women having to defend themselves against perpetrators for raping and such. Even after the Mughal era, few defiant women have influenced many a revolutionary in India. But there was never such shame for them has they have in the present era.

Many men take this as fun. A woman, with nothing to defend herself, is a soft target and men usually predate them. We have been hearing many cases of rapes, murders etc. Also it even happens in education institutions, with many MMS clips around in the net. Why do men do it? Yes, true it is the drive of the hormones inside, but to this extent of harassing a woman, why? Many men are failures in their own life, and so take to these extremities to make their life a so called “pleasure”.

Next to his home,my friend’s, there is a Women’s Nursing Hostel. And as with any other women’s hostel, there would be men, whistling, howling, the unwanted remark and others to women going about their business. Some don’t give it any attention, even then some try to catch their hands, toy with them and all. There are some too, who would even play around with these men and there have incidents which has gone nasty. This has affected the locality there as other girls are also pulled into this menace, like what happened to his sister.

So what do we do about it? Yes, there is this option of bring them to justice. But is that possible always? Many have escape routes, as once it happened in my area, where police tried catching these guys, but never have they caught one. And even if they do arrest them or something, there is no proof that they do such stuff. Law cannot always bring them down. So what else?

I say the we as responsible citizens must actively participate in eradicating this epidemic. We must join hands and ward off these shameless men from our streets. Yes, there have been cases where many parents feel like doing so, but they don’t take the next step. They just stay back and say all about this menace and ways to eradicate it. But those words seldom turn to action. We then must encourage them to join our hands to fight these leering remarks, howls, whistles on the streets. Only then, I believe, that the shameless men be hapless and leave the streets for good.

I might update this post soon, as I never really had a clear thought. I do have a lot to say about this, but some things I can never catch. Do comment on if you do have some valid points, and I would update it to make it a better article.

Have a nice day 🙂


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