Windows 7 from usb!!!!

My laptop’s DVD-Drive is non-functional, and my laptop hard-drive busted. One of the worst nightmares I can think of here!!! But then I bought a new hard-disk, but to replace my DVD-drive, I need to shell out more than Rs 8K! Obviously I was not mad to buy that. However, with no DVD-drive, I can install only linux versions, not windows. For days, I was using only ubuntu, and I missed windows. So I’d to find a way out of this, and so began my search for ways to install windows.

The best solution I’ve found is installing Windows 7 using usb. It’s nearly the same as for ubuntu, except it’s a live OS image. But it worked pretty well though. All you need is a PC, a Windows7 ISO (Windows 7 RC1 is available for free download till August 2009, so hurry!), Windows 7 or Vista installed computer, and a 4GB or more pendrive.

And the tutorial here works is the best, cuz I have installed windows 7 following this tutorial. Check this link out…

The requirements mentioned are necessary, you can’t do it with an XP installed system, because you need to convert the file system of the pen-drive to NTFS. Do follow exactly as what the tutorial says. And it worked beautifully for me. Also I think it does work for Vista too. So try it out. Wish Microsoft take a leaf out of many linux versions on the implementation of live-cd.

Happy installing!


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