Buggy Jaunty Jackalope – A solution in sight…

Ok, so I got many replies to my earlier post on the ubuntu 9.04 being a buggy affair. Thanks guys for all that.

Actually I happened to meet my cousin online in google chat, and he told me that he faced similar problems with the jaunty jackalope in his desktop. He, after searching, tried out the file system check.

Actually I did try it in the ubuntu 9.04 in the terminal. And is obvious, it’s not safe to do a fsck on a partition already mounted. So I logged into my other ubuntu (8.10) and did the check there. This is the command I typed..

$ sudo e2fsck -f -c -v /dev/sda1

After all the checking, I logged back into jaunty jackalope, and ever since I have been using without any hitch. So the problem seems to me is that the ubuntu requires frequent disk checking, and there is some major bug in this version of ubuntu which is causing so.

Moral of the post : Frequent file system checks a must for any operating systems. 🙂

References : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1155810



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