The Modern and not so modern youth

I came across this article (suggested by Vipin sir), about the how the youth have been for the past century. You can read the article from this link….

At first, when I began reading it, I thought how could young people in India be happy according to Bertrand Russell? I’ve seen many of my friends, including myself, to be victims of something or the other, and not be happy all the time.

But as I continued reading the article, I realized how true Mr. Russell has said. I take the example of my childhood friend, who was also my neighbour since I was born. He is two years older than me, but talks to me as if we are of the same age. He never treats me as a young kid, and usually he seems to be the younger of the two! His family is not rich, just an ordinary middle class family. Both his parents working in the bank, and his elder sister in the US. Financially, they are quite ok, but I’ve never seen them having big music systems, hi-fi computers, etc. He is least interested in latest computers, and has no indignation to get the coolest gadget, mobile etc.

But I see him to be the happiest of all my friends. He had decent education, doing BSc and MSc in maths after XII, but now he is got into the IISC, Bangalore. Infact he had got rank 12 in the GATE exam! And I asked him how he managed so, and he replied saying he just studied 3 weeks prior to the exam. He has got all the brains, a maths whiz-kid. He feels he has got all he wanted in life, and always wishes to be of service to the people. Recently he volunteered in the service at Puttaparthi for Sai Baba. And he seems much more happy doing so.

Now, I wish I could compare him with someone else, but it seems I’m the best example for it! I was kind of a spoilt brat, wanting the latest in everything.Now I got quite a few things, gadgets, mobiles, luxury etc, but internally I’m not happy. I realized that doing what the most of the kids in the West did made me less happy. Actually I noticed the more time I spent off the LCD screen, the more comfortable I would be (Well sometimes it might be other way round, like lab projects, so on…. 🙂 ). What I wish to say is that is that we must forget our traditions, that listening to Ramayana narrated by our Grandparents is a million times better than watching the sci-fi movies. And I really appreciate the author of this article to put forward the point that the traditional kid in the East are happier than the kids in the West…….



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