Swine flu, the truth and absurdities….

Swine flu, or the H1N1 variant of the virus, has brought chaos all across the world. Educational Institutions shut, offices closed, people running around with masks on their face. Many in the comfy homes are glued to the idiot box watching the media, who are culpable for creating a mania on this virus, telling the people on how dangerous the epidemic has become, and the possible cure and prevention against this. Continue reading


Jaunty Jackalope, a review

A month after I published my previous post on this related issue (Ubuntu 9.04 – A very buggy affair!!!), I did some research to fix these problems. Now, my ubuntu is running perfectly ok, and no more problems cropped up.

The few problems that might be reason why the ubuntu was behaving abnormally are –

  • It requires frequent disk checks. The disk allocation seems to go haywire after several reboots, and thus needs periodic fscks to fix this.
  • It does not do automatic disk check during booting, when on battery power. I’ve noticed quite a few do not connect to the power source when they switch on their notebook. This then disables the automatic fsck checks that the ubuntu usually does when on battery power. Also the period of these checks is actually of longer duration, maybe one check after 20 boots, and this is not good for during that time, the ubuntu can spoil the disk! So you can change that by this command ” sudo tune2fs -c 10 /dev/sda1 “. This sets the number of boots after which the fsck must be done. u can change that number however you like, i suggest 6-10 is good. It works with 10 for me though.
  • I noticed that if you forcefully shutdown, then the ubuntu goes haywire! No remedies for that except prevention.

Though the ubuntu is working fine, there are still some nagging problems, like the case when booting under battery power, it needs some user input, otherwise it does nothing, it stays just like that. Any solutions?

GRE and dreams…..

Well, this is totally different from what I post in my blog. But then I thought why not share with everyone on the net, whoever is able to find this post, and that without any restrictions like in social networking sites. So I post it here for what my aspirations are, and what I have in view of my future. Continue reading