GRE and dreams…..

Well, this is totally different from what I post in my blog. But then I thought why not share with everyone on the net, whoever is able to find this post, and that without any restrictions like in social networking sites. So I post it here for what my aspirations are, and what I have in view of my future.

It was not until my final year in Computer Science Engineering that I really began to ponder upon what next after I step out of Bachelor’s degree. I actually had the notion before joining this course, that I would definetly be recruited by some or the other software companies here in India. What I never thought was whether it is to my liking. Whether I would enjoy the work I’d be doing in the company, whether just making money is my primary goal rather than my interest. I would have never given it a thought if had there no been a recession that come into the stage of World Economy.

Now I come to realize that I am a kind of guy who likes challenges, who like doing something new, something different. And then I decided that recruitment is not the option I must chose now, for if I get recruited now, I would never find time to broaden my horizon of computer science. And so in my quest for furthering my studies, I have taken up the challange of writing the Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE, this September 14th.

Well, honestly I am never really prepared for this. It’s generally easy I can figure, especially the quantitative part. But what is challenging is the verbal section, where according to Barron’s, I need to study at least 3500 words! Well, that’s a humungous amount of words, hardly1000 of which would be used commonly, and that too quite sufficient for effective communication. Then why such a test? Maybe the reason I can find is this way we as an International Student, will be proficient in english, so much so that even  the Americans would be dumbfounded hearing us speak and know that we are the outsiders!

Well, a test is a test, and certainly this is the one of the gateways to getting admissions in the US universities, that I can join the universities at Fall. Everybody has been telling me that it’s the best place for research, and that I would really enjoy studying there. Loads of opurtunities, conditions ideal for a good thesis…. all I have heard. But one fact remains, our money bags will drain out like never before!

Preparations for GRE have been quite, to say, unsteady. My weak area is the verbal section, where I never had to study 3000 odd words! Quantitative section seems simple enough, maybe a bit of practice and few formulas will help. I must really thank my maths teachers for taking so much pains to teach mathematics, for now I find it simple solve these questions! I have not touched the analytical section yet, and that is another challenging one.

Another challenging one is finding the right university. There are many universities in the US, but as is the fact, we have to choose the right one. I have checked a few sites, like Princeton’s which seems to be the most reliable in terms of ranking the colleges. Also, with my CGPA ( 3.028 of 4 ), I would only be eligible to B grade universities. But then people have said that I can jump to better universities once I join there, that I can carry my credits along as I search for better universities. True, US is the land of opportunities.

For the past few weeks I have been concentrating on the verbal section, trying my best to remember the huge number of english words. I planned to study primarily from the Barron’s guide, for everybody recommended it as the best for cracking GRE. And as of now I have got 30 days left, within which I have to complete 50 word lists of 3500 words in Barron’s, find the suitable university where I can do my Master’s and lots of other stuff.

Some post eh? I think you can gather from this post that I’m not truly focussed. But honestly, I have never been this focussed before, and that I will try my level best to get a good GRE score. This post will be updated, until it’s truly refined. So do keep checking back!



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