GSoC 2010 is ON folks!!!!!!

The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2010 is here and alive folks! Just when everybody thought Google may not think about it, it’s finally there! This great news was put in the GSoC google groups discussion[1] and I actually regret the fact that I came to know about it 3 days after it was announced!

The timeline has not been fixed yet. The details are that from March 12 to 19, submission of applications from the mentoring organisations will be from March 8th till 12th and the submission of application from the students will be from March 29 till April 9th. The details can be got from the discussion in [1] as also from their blog [2]. But the most important thing is to visit the GSoC website [3], which at the time of writing this post has not been updated so far, but soon will.

I can’t tell how excited I am knowing that finally 2010 will see another edition of this great Open Source venture. I’m so thankful of Google to promote open source, as this is one of the best ways to do so. For those who are unaware about this, GSoC is a venture from Google where they sponsor open source development. Here Google will help in the development of many open source projects by providing a platform where mentors and students can contribute. Google will select a list of mentors who they feel are eligible of mentoring a good open source project, and then the students will start applying for the projects by talking to the mentors. Once selected, the students will engage in developing whatever so in a span of 3 months, and once completed Google will acknowledge them with great goodies. Only current students above 18 can participate in GSoC. For those who are not, they can help by being a mentor!

The best part about GSoC is the amount of fun one can gather by being part of this. The projects need not be from Google, anything that is open source is good for Google. So this a perfect opportunity for those who have not yet joined the wagon of open source. And I’m sure doing all I can to jump on to the wagon!

Adios amigo and hope to see you in GSoC!

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Pakistan and the IPL

IPL season 3 has begun. Bigger than ever, IPL has proven to be an yearly extraveganza people would hate to miss. And with such a huge event, controversies are bound to sprout. The latest in line is the most peculiar of all. The auction process for the players began and at the end of it none of the players from Pakistan were taken. Everyone except the IPL franchisees were flabbergasted. The Pakistanis were furious. How the Pakistani players, who were crowned the T20 champions, were not at all considered by the IPL teams? They sense treachery behind all this. But truth is there are logical reasons. Here’s why. Continue reading

Technologies to watch out for in the next decade…..Part 1

The previous decade has seen tremendous technological advancements. Some of them I can think of is WiMax, multi-core processors, advanced GPUs, Apple iPod, iPhone and the touchscreen technology and more. And it never ends there. Every day, we see new patents, new concept, new products and what not. Here I’m going to list few of the technologies that might make an impact in the forthcoming decade. Continue reading

Scrapbook – Scrap the pages!

Ever had a situation where you liked a site a whole lot, love to download all the pages and access it offline? Well, one thing you can do in Firefox is save the page. That’s a expensive option, considering you might have to save hundreds, maybe thousands of pages! You would like to have it done automatically, no sweat.

I was in search of the perfect software to do that job. I downloaded and tried many download managers, like Internet Download Manager. IDM was good, but one has to pay to use this software. There are others that does provide this feature, but none that satisfied me.

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