Scrapbook – Scrap the pages!

Ever had a situation where you liked a site a whole lot, love to download all the pages and access it offline? Well, one thing you can do in Firefox is save the page. That’s a expensive option, considering you might have to save hundreds, maybe thousands of pages! You would like to have it done automatically, no sweat.

I was in search of the perfect software to do that job. I downloaded and tried many download managers, like Internet Download Manager. IDM was good, but one has to pay to use this software. There are others that does provide this feature, but none that satisfied me.

Then I stumbled upon a plugin for Firefox, Scrapbook. It does exactly what is mentioned above. It functions more like a web crawler, but the best part is it is available as a plugin and for free too!

To get it, go to Firefox add-ons, and add it to your list of Firefox add-ons.

Once done, it appears as a menu on top of the firefox window. It has options of capture page, which simply captures the page you are accessing. Capture page as lets you download all the pages that is being linked in that particular page. This has given me new life in terms of accessing valuable pages offline.

Moreover, you can tell the scrapbook “crawler” how much in-depth must it go, that it is to say how many link levels you want to download. Also you can also restrict the download of pages to particular domain, directory, or download links which has a particular string of characters you are looking for.

You can also store the downloaded pages in a particular folder (look in options). The best part is that accessing these pages is made easy, it’s like a bookmark except pages can be accessed offline. Also these pages is portable, meaning the links in pages are locally accessible. So you can carry it around.

Scrapbook is the best add-on out there, and it means business. So if you mean business, scrapbook is for you!


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