Technologies to watch out for in the next decade…..Part 1

The previous decade has seen tremendous technological advancements. Some of them I can think of is WiMax, multi-core processors, advanced GPUs, Apple iPod, iPhone and the touchscreen technology and more. And it never ends there. Every day, we see new patents, new concept, new products and what not. Here I’m going to list few of the technologies that might make an impact in the forthcoming decade.

1. No more game controllers!

The previous decade has seen a flurry of gaming consoles like Sony Playstation (PS2 and PS3), Microsoft XBox, but the most successful is the Nintendo Wii. That’s because of the concept of the controller, which lets you actually play the game rather than using some arrow keys and others. That was quite a revelation which people preferred to more than the high definition gaming of the PS3.

Microsoft has taken it a step further and made it possible to play games without any controller! Yes, it’s possible through Project Natal. It simply is an add-on to the XBox, and you can play almost any game by use of gestures. The video will tell you all.

This concept is expected to be on the market soon this year or the next, and it would certainly give the Nintendo a run for it’s money! Check it out…

2. Boundary less phone!

Imagine a mobile with no fixed screen size, able to read out books for you, give you all the details of a product, and snap pictures using your hands!

That’s what Pranav Mistry, a MITian from Gujarat, India, has invented. This is one of the coolest inventions of 2009, and watching the video will make you speechless!

This project cost very cheap too, he made use of simple devices, like the portable projector and a camera. And the idea was so simple that makes us admire his genius. He is also the brainchild of many innovative projects. Watch the TED video to get inspired!

Now this certainly will be an alternative to touchscreen phones. And what remains of this is the miniaturization of this product to a level that can be carried, which I believe is possible this decade. Also I heard that he is going to make the technology open source, all the more reason to cheer about! Check it out…

3.  Swipe to text…!

Almost all the mobiles have either the T9 text input or the QWERTY input. Touchscreens have qwerty input, which has given uncomfortable times to users. Here comes the new text input method, called the SWYPE. All you have to do simply swipe the words you want to enter and wallah! the text is entered! Watch! Check it out…

Well, that’s part 1. Check out part 2 for next few!……..!


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