Google Image Search – Cool search for images!

Google has come a long way (though in a very short time!) to become the leader in web search. It has grown such that the word google has become a household name. Whenever one wants to search something, we say google it out! Now google has spread it’s wings and has almost touched all the frontiers of computer science that is visible in the Internet. One of them that I’m going to talk about is the Image Search Engine.

It has come quite a long time ago, but has matured ever since. The head at Google have been working on it, and over the years have added several features to it. So first I’ll guide you through what image search is, and then talk about the cool features Google has to offer in this field. Continue reading


Dear SRK…..

This is a letter written to Shah Rukh Khan regarding his insensible comment about the role of Muslims in the world. It has said it all to what I would like to ask him… Do read… Continue reading

All about bi-cycles in India

Yup, this is a break from the ordinary. But it’s my ultimate desire to go cycling through the whole of India! I was a born cyclist, and nothing gives me so much satisfaction than riding on a bike and pedaling through the windy roads here. So here’s a small guide to how you can get yourself a good bike to taste the same satisfaction…. Continue reading

InCTF – India’s First Ethical Hacking Contest

Amrita University & TIFAC CORE in association with VeriSign proudly present InCTF’10, India’s First National Level “Capture the Flag” Style Ethical HACKING contest.

InCTF’10 is from February to March 2010 and is focused exclusively on the student community. You can participate from your own university and no travel is required. No prior exposure or experience in cyber security needed to participate.

Prerequisite to participate is familiarity with any programming language. Working knowledge of Linux is highly desirable but not necessary; learn essential skills as you participate!!!

We help you learn if you get stuck!!

What you need to do? Form a team (max five members from your college), and register online at

Registration fee is 150 Rs per team. Hurry! You can participate as soon as your complete the registration.

Exciting prizes to be won:

Rs. 40,000 The winning team receives a cash prize of Rs. 40000/-
Rs. 30,000 The first runner-up team receives a cash prize of Rs. 30000/-
Rs. 20,000 The second runners-up team receives a cash prize of Rs. 20000/-

For more information, please comment your e-mail id here, and the concerned person will contact you.

Install Windows 7 using a USB stick – revisited

A few days ago, my friend wanted to install windows 7 in his notebook that has a non-working dvd drive. So the obvious option was to install it thru usb. So i followed my earlier blog-post about the same. It linked to another blog’s post from which I learnt to do it. But  now that link is broken, seems the server is down. I was frustrated as hell, and none others had such convincing way of installing. So here it is, after getting that page though Google’s cache (thanks Google!) and writing it down here. Hopefully wordpress server won’t crash!!! Continue reading