Install Windows 7 using a USB stick – revisited

A few days ago, my friend wanted to install windows 7 in his notebook that has a non-working dvd drive. So the obvious option was to install it thru usb. So i followed my earlier blog-post about the same. It linked to another blog’s post from which I learnt to do it. But  now that link is broken, seems the server is down. I was frustrated as hell, and none others had such convincing way of installing. So here it is, after getting that page though Google’s cache (thanks Google!) and writing it down here. Hopefully wordpress server won’t crash!!!

Ok, you will need a Windows 7 disc or ISO ; A usb stick or pen drive of at least 4GB, and a currently running windows vista or 7 in another laptop.

Next plug in the usb, and open Command prompt with administrative privilege ( Right-click on the command prompt in the Accessories of the Start Menu)

Now type


list disk

Now check out which is your pen drive there and type (if it is disk 1)

select disk 1


create partition primary


format fs = ntfs quick



Now go to the boot folder in the installation disc of the Windows 7 in cmd. Then type

bootsect.exe /nt60 H:

Here H: is your pen drive (Make sure of it in the Computer)

Now copy the contents of the Windows 7 installation disc to your pen drive. Now your pen drive is bootable and ready for installation.

Have a Great day fellas!!!


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