InCTF – India’s First Ethical Hacking Contest

Amrita University & TIFAC CORE in association with VeriSign proudly present InCTF’10, India’s First National Level “Capture the Flag” Style Ethical HACKING contest.

InCTF’10 is from February to March 2010 and is focused exclusively on the student community. You can participate from your own university and no travel is required. No prior exposure or experience in cyber security needed to participate.

Prerequisite to participate is familiarity with any programming language. Working knowledge of Linux is highly desirable but not necessary; learn essential skills as you participate!!!

We help you learn if you get stuck!!

What you need to do? Form a team (max five members from your college), and register online at

Registration fee is 150 Rs per team. Hurry! You can participate as soon as your complete the registration.

Exciting prizes to be won:

Rs. 40,000 The winning team receives a cash prize of Rs. 40000/-
Rs. 30,000 The first runner-up team receives a cash prize of Rs. 30000/-
Rs. 20,000 The second runners-up team receives a cash prize of Rs. 20000/-

For more information, please comment your e-mail id here, and the concerned person will contact you.



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