All about bi-cycles in India

Yup, this is a break from the ordinary. But it’s my ultimate desire to go cycling through the whole of India! I was a born cyclist, and nothing gives me so much satisfaction than riding on a bike and pedaling through the windy roads here. So here’s a small guide to how you can get yourself a good bike to taste the same satisfaction….



Hero Cycles

These are good old Indian cycles and considerably the most in number in the streets. We normally see the old cycles with a central stopper, the good old cycle seen in almost every household of the rural areas. Now with the advancing times comes the advanced cycles, and Hero Cycles have quite a range of bikes in it’s factory. They have got a site too. Check them out. They have got geared ones which are quite a show stopper when it was launched but kinda declined. The price starts from Rs 1k to Rs 8K

Hercules Cycle and Motor Co, BSA India:

These are other manufacturers whose bikes are also seen in the Indian streets. I myself have an Hercules Top Gear, which has withstand 10 years of  ultimate wear and tear, and is at it’s last refuge in my hostel. But I love that bike and had it been as shining as it was when bought, I would have kept it for another 10 years. The Hercules have good range of mountain bikes as also old bikes, while BSA is known for ladies cycles. My sister had cute one, forgot it’s name though but it was a good bike. BSA has been in the news for it’s electric scooter and other stuff.

Now these were the one that’s predominant in the bi-cycle  market. But all these were lacking in true all-terrain bikes. I especially wanted and was fascinated with the gear system to help in pedaling. Mine has a 6-speed shimano gear system and used it to good effect (my hobby was to overtake auto rickshaws and cars if possible!). But geared bikes are not picking up as one thought it would be. This is primarily due to it’s difficult maintenance and many are new to idea. Most cycle repairists hardly have any idea on how to fix the gears. Some even remove the gear system on those that have one. Pity people are shying away from using a brilliant technology!

Then came the Mercedes-Benz, with them launching a bi-cycle (Serious, they have a bi-cycle in the stable!). Amid all fan-fare and it’s news in both news-papers, I was eager to know the price. When I did find it, it was better left alone. It costs a staggering Rs 1.5 lacs!!!

Now there’s a new manufacturer with a whole range of bikes, from mountain bikes to all terrain bikes to normal bikes. The name’s Firefox ( It’s not Mozilla, for your info!). They have bikes starting Rs 3k to nearly Rs 20k. And all are good bikes. I’d recommend serious bikers to get these bikes.

So that’s it for a small intro in bi-cycles in India. Hope this post was informative and happy riding! Remember to put your helmet on they say.

I’m yet to put one though…. 🙂



  1. can u please tell the price range of geared bicycles in india and give a comparision between geared and gearless bicycles

    • Joe / I noticed that also Pat . Man those were the days . He was also Little League coach back in those days for us I seosruily wish I had been able to tell him how he really helped us grow Man these pictures bring back some serious memories PJ

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