Google Image Search – Cool search for images!

Google has come a long way (though in a very short time!) to become the leader in web search. It has grown such that the word google has become a household name. Whenever one wants to search something, we say google it out! Now google has spread it’s wings and has almost touched all the frontiers of computer science that is visible in the Internet. One of them that I’m going to talk about is the Image Search Engine.

It has come quite a long time ago, but has matured ever since. The head at Google have been working on it, and over the years have added several features to it. So first I’ll guide you through what image search is, and then talk about the cool features Google has to offer in this field.



Simply put, if you want to search for images, that is to say a Lamborghini Reventón, go to and type whatever image you want to search for. For which you get tons of results, and most of the time gives you the results you wanted. I used it to good effect, getting decent images. This is not for those who want real good images, but for those who don’t really care. I’m one of those types, so I love it. I use it for getting interesting images. Also for pictures in blog post etc.

Now as you can see from here, there are lots of options. You can get them by clicking on show options. Now these options do exactly as what it says. For example, I can select color white to get images which have more white in it, maybe background is white. Here’s the result I got.

Try out other options too. They are cool!

Also notice the ‘Find similar images’ link underneath each image? That’s one cool feature Google has incorporated. It finds very similar images to the one under which you have clicked. And they are very similar! Take a look at result I got when I clicked the link under the first image.

This is very similar to face recognition in Picasa, which is awesome! It recognized my childhood picture as mine!

There are tons of options you can try out, and they give you very interesting search results. So when you have no other work to do, then search for images in Google image search and you will never get bored!


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