One…Two…Three, and You Are Out!!

When you ponder on something for the day, it might come into life!

Today,  back from a satisfying Mumbai (of which I’ll post it soon!), I was upbeat. The train had arrived right on time. Everything went according to plan, until I took the Honda Activa out for a ride.

I’d to go to the bank to deposit money to my sister’s bank account. And there I was greeted by a security officer refusing to provide me the token to do so. Great. So the next stop was the pet store…


As I started my Activa through a narrow road separating 2 commercial buildings, a door of a car opened suddenly. I, with my quick reactions and also with help of the girl passenger, evaded the danger. Sure enough, heart beats were pumping hard in me and also the family in the car. The girl sat still in the car, eminently startled by this. And this was the first shock of the day.

Anyways matters went worse when I couldn’t find the thing I wanted in the pet store. Dejected, I decided to check out another bank branch in the town, so took into the curvy roads.


The problem with these roads is the lack of space. And this lack of space was to my undoing.

A corner was reached and found the back of an old esteem with racing tatoos on it’s body. As it took the curve, it took some time to negotiate the pot-holes. I, as usual, take this advantage to vhroom forward. But as I did so, the driver of the racing esteem doesn’t like the idea. He then raced ahead slanting to the side I was contemplating an over-take, which I was in half-way! Oh I remember the similar scene in the Matrix Reloaded at that moment. However I did kinda anticipate it, so was not surprised of that move and had not much trouble dealing with it.

Anyways the bank branch was closed for the day (the day being Saturday, so open till 1p.m). Matters simply getting worse. More than that I couldn’t find the shoe repairer, neither the computer guy I’d to meet. So, fed up, decided to head back home.


And I turned to another corner and traveled into it a bit till I found it surrounded by parade people. Hence turned the Activa around and started forward through a crowd of on-lookers till everything went suddenly!

A girl out nowhere came into the middle of the road just as when I was passing. Oh man that was some experience, I tell you. My heart felt like it would come out scared. I held on to the brakes as much as possible, and the tires screeched. And I missed the girl by a whisker!

I turned around to see the girl, shocked! Several screams from the women could be heard. And I shouted “Watch out!!”. Luckily all went well.

But it made me not to take the Activa out again, don’t want to be 4th time lucky!


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