Number Portability – Delayed, again!

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has delayed the most awaited scheme –  The Number Portability. This will allow the subscriber to switch operators while retaining the number. That means with this scheme, one doesn’t have to get a new number and face the hassles informing many of the change.

It was purported to be launched in December last year, but as is always the case with any Govt. organisation, it has been delayed to March 31, but delayed further to June 30. Now TRAI is not to be blamed entirely, for they rightly say the mobile companies haven’t deployed the infrastructure for it. Another govt. franchisee is to be blamed the most – BSNL.

Well, if you look from the BSNL side, they are helpless. The number of subscribers in the BSNL/MTNL network are dwindling, owing to the poor service and offers. Offer wise though, it’s pretty good. I’ve a BSNL connection, post-paid, and has real good features. But what puts me off is it’s horrible service. None of them are technically and communicatively competent and care less for the customers, unlike other service providers. I’ll be one of the first few to switch operator once the scheme becomes operational.

The benefits of the Number Portability are numerous. I’ll list out a few that are quite important.

  1. Benefits subscribers, like me, who can avail better services without the trouble of changing numbers
  2. Better services offered by telecom companies, as they run the risk of losing customers if their service is not up to the mark.
  3. Can solve the number crunch partly. This has been a major problem for TRAI ever since the number of subscribers are alarmingly increasing that new numbers are hard to come by. TRAI are considering increasing the number of digits from 10 to 11, which will prove a major challenge for everyone, including the common man!

So I wish that all, TRAI and the telecom companies, stick to the June 30 deadline and spare the trouble for many mobile users like me of poor service and hassles of number changing.

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