Automated Tests in Fennec – Week No.3

Where did the weeks one and two go? Well, I just didn’t document it. Anyways, a recap of what happened the past two weeks.

I really began to work on this project on May 10. And for nearly one and a half week, I’ve been doing what I posted earlier. In the end of last week, I began to make real progress, wrote down 50% of the preferences test, and they seemed to work. I’m not saying it’s done, the review is left. What I did now is to concentrate on the small details of the preferences options in Fennec like to see whether the About Fennec leads to the About Fennec page, checking to see whether the on/off states of all the options remain as it is even if I closed the preferences, verify the various button states and panning the preferences view.

Now I’m concentrating on testing the preferences list for selecting home page, verifying the core functionalities of preferences and zooming states. It has been exhausting trying to get the methods I want to use for testing. Thanks to Mark Finkle and Joel Maher (mentor.. πŸ™‚ ), I’m able to crack down on the issues and hopefully get the tests for review this week itself. Still lots to work to do in this, and also for other tests (zooming/panning, download manager, awesome bar).

Yup, pretty hurried posting. But can’t think of anything else as my mind is full on how to go about testing that particular button, so on. I’ll look to update this post with some snapshots, may not be worthwhile, but would benefit wanna be Fennec contributors. So sionara folks!


Bon Voyage through Fennec – My first front-end test.

So, I got selected to be a part of Google Summer of Code for the proposal of adding new automated tests to the Fennec front end. Now what? Implementation!

For getting this done, I would need to download the Fennec version and it’s tests. Fennec is a mobile browser, so I’ve to download that which can be run in Linux. I got both of them from the link Continue reading

The Final day of my Undergrad course… ;(

As I sit here in the reading room of the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University at Amritapuri, Kollam, Kerala, India (phew! That’s quite a write!), as I write the many autograph books, as I see the reading room cum Auditorium cum Wi-Fi zone (!), memories zip through………. Oh the college was some roller coaster of the 4 years I’ve ever spent in my whole life! Something very very few people can forget, and I surely would cherish it till my death! Continue reading

5 kBps toΒ GSoC!!!

Strange title ain’t it? This is the speed of the connection I used for the past 2 months to get myself a project for Mozilla in Google Summer of Code!

That’s right, my proposal got accepted. Here’s the link for those nay-sayers! (Just Kidding…. πŸ™‚ )

It’s like a dream come true. From the time Vipin Sir spoke about my chances in GSoC just after I completed the Open Solaris project, I began dreaming (oh dreaming is my pass-time indeed!) about GSoC! I waited for many, many months for this (8 months to be precise) to get the news of GSoC 2010! And boy was I crazy about it! Continue reading