The Final day of my Undergrad course… ;(

As I sit here in the reading room of the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University at Amritapuri, Kollam, Kerala, India (phew! That’s quite a write!), as I write the many autograph books, as I see the reading room cum Auditorium cum Wi-Fi zone (!), memories zip through………. Oh the college was some roller coaster of the 4 years I’ve ever spent in my whole life! Something very very few people can forget, and I surely would cherish it till my death!

I remember those times when we used to copy the assignment the day before the submission. That last minute paper scrapping, scrambling for completed pages. We used to do nested copying ( 😉 ). Ah,Golden times that I’m sure none of us would ever get a chance to do in the future.

Days go by fast, many days after the last day, I simply cannot imagine that I won’t have to go back to college come this July. I tell myself it’s over. No more chatter-banter of the first day of a new semester, where we greet each other and talk for long of what we did this summer, the adjustment of our electives ;), the talk over the new teacher…… Oh man, sometimes I just ponder over how would be the new electives, and realize that it’s no more.

It would take quite a time to write this post. And it would stand as drafts in my dashboard. And there are too many of them in the drafts folder. So this time I say that I keep updating the post whenever I feel like, and also make it public. Let’s do something different!

Chal, I’ll keep jotting down something into this. Ciao folks!!! <<sobs>> 😉



  1. yes adi…da most memorable moments of our lyf…memories will b cherished 4 ever….luv u all!!!

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