Week no 6 – First Patch through!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to skip off week no. 5 post. Anyways, here I am with the latest updates of what has happened so far in the automation tests for Fennec front end.

The first patch, that was basic panning of preferences pane of Fennec, has undergone a lot of ridiculous changes (which you can see from this bug489158). But finally I found out the way to compare the panning values with that of variables that depend on the Fennec size. This way I got rid of all the hard-coded values except one which has no possible way to find out. After all that and few silly changes Continue reading


Nokia E52 – The E-series matured

Nokia has gone leaps and bounds when it comes to mobiles. It has now ventured into every possible area where one can communicate. And for the businessmen, Nokia does not disappoint. The E-series have etched a class of it’s own, competing with the likes of Blackberry and others. Their E72 has been touted as the best phone and the most successful full QWERTY business smartphone. Here I’m going to write about another of it’s sibling, one that equals the likes of the E72, the E52.

E52, unlike others in the lineup, is a candy-bar phone without a qwerty keypad. It’s more of an upgraded version of the E51 which has been very popular. And the best part is they have kept the price almost at the same level as the E51. Continue reading

Week no. 4 – First patch for preferences test

So now into the 4th week of the fennec front end automated tests project. The previous week had has seen less activity, but the main highlight was the submission of the first patch related to the project.

The patch was related to the basic panning of preferences, like checking out whether the preferences stays the same when the user enters and exits the preferences. It was a simple one but a step forward in the direction of greater coverage of the Fennec features. And the patch isn’t perfect as always. I used hard-coded values to check for the panning, but it isn’t proper to use them. Instead I must use global values. So gotta check that out. Also Mark Finkle also suggested a few improvements.

I’m hoping that I get patch “patched up” this week and also submit patches of the rest of the test coverage of the preferences this week. This is indeed challenging but great fun, the beauty of how we can test the parts of the browser using js!