Nokia E52 – The E-series matured

Nokia has gone leaps and bounds when it comes to mobiles. It has now ventured into every possible area where one can communicate. And for the businessmen, Nokia does not disappoint. The E-series have etched a class of it’s own, competing with the likes of Blackberry and others. Their E72 has been touted as the best phone and the most successful full QWERTY business smartphone. Here I’m going to write about another of it’s sibling, one that equals the likes of the E72, the E52.

E52, unlike others in the lineup, is a candy-bar phone without a qwerty keypad. It’s more of an upgraded version of the E51 which has been very popular. And the best part is they have kept the price almost at the same level as the E51.

E52 has learnt from the many shortcomings it’s earlier avatar had. In the design department, it has undergone slight changes. Screen is slightly bigger and keys too. The keys now are so much more comfortable to type on. Maybe they could have positioned the backspace button as it was in E51, but no matter the keys are easy to use. It has increased in length, but has dropped a few grams compared to E51. Β It has 2 cameras now, main camera being 3.2 megapixels, and vga camera in front for video calling. There is a dedicated camera key which needs to be pressed while using the main camera. Also the volume key on either side of the voice recording key. It also has an accelerometer which is a bit sensitive. A welcome addition is the 3.5mm headphone jack, which has now become a standard in most phones. Another port is the mini-USB, which doubles as a charging point as also for data transfer. Light sensor in the front and speakers in the back near the camera. About the speakers, they are oddly quite sunken and easy to block the sound by just closing it with fingers! Quite problematic when it comes to picking calls. Overall the design ain’t catchy, but that’s what a business phone looks like! It does the talking more than style!

Now let’s talk about what’s under the hood. The E52 is now power packed with a 600MHz processor, a decent 60MB internal memory, and is pre-loaded with a 2GB memory card. With this processor, we can use different apps at the same time with ease. It is loaded with Symbian v3. It has all the necessary apps for business minded people, like a very useful web browser, push email, pdf reader, etc. And the phone now comes with inbuilt GPS receiver which works perfectly fine. It has all other connectivity except 4G and infra-red (who uses infra-red except for remote controls!). And the OVI store is pretty good too, with lots of free and premium apps to download from. It now has an accelerometer which is a touch sensitive I would say, maybe useful only for touch screen. Anyways I switched it off. The camera quality is not that great, but you get 3.2 megapixel pics which would be enough I would say. Video quality is not upto the mark with 15fps video. Could have put a little more juice in this dept. eh Nokia? πŸ™‚

Another change is the image gallery, which is now more like the one you see in the N series. It automatically goes into the landscape mode and the pictures go in a circular fashion. Photo editing also possible. There’s also the video center which shows the videos in folders. The music player is pretty good, with few options for equalizer, playlists and all. Better than what it’s previous sibling had. It is pre-loaded with 2 small games, you can download others.

So on the whole, the phone is pretty simple to use with lots of things to put into, since it’s a Symbian 3rd ver. And with more processing power, you can play more apps at the same time. Though there are instances where apps crash, like it happened just now for Fring. Nevertheless I’ve used it with many apps running and no jitters here and there. The trump card of the E52 is it’s battery life, which stays for at least 2 days how much ever you use by calls, internet through EDGE/gprs, Wi-fi, music etc.

I’d bought the phone 2 weeks ago from the day of typing this post, and I’m pretty impressed with what the phone has to offer. And the one other thing I really enjoy is the notification light, which Nokia cleverly used the space inner to the D-pad for this. When a call, message etc comes, it blinks like normal. But otherwise when in standby mode, it shows off the “breathing” light which makes it look as if it was alive! Awesome addition!

This phone I bought for at Rs 12k. Now at that price, I consider this to be the best phone with the slimness factor and bountiful of features. I love this phone!


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