Change in my blog…

Looks like I need a makeover here. If you are a follower of my blog, then you will notice that I have moved to a subtler theme, dark to white.

The makeover is not over. There will be rearranging of the widgets, maybe remove/add widgets. It will take some time for me as the GSoC is nearing it’s end. Also I’m planning to have a new domain for this blog, and then gradually my own theme.

Yeah, creating a new blog would be better, you had say. But for me managing one takes a lot of time. In the course of time I will have another blog, meanwhile I’ll freshen this one up. So you will notice different layouts in the coming few days, bear with me! Wish WordPress had added the kind of makeover room, that is I can change theme, arrange widgets, change background, etc, while the old one is still public. And then, when ready, I can replace the old site. Hmm…. what do you think?


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