Galaxy S update woes

Samsung announced that they had achieved the goal of selling 10 million Galaxy S before the end of 2010. It itself is a great achievement considering it faces stiff competition from iPhone and the myriad android devices around. But Samsung has failed in achieving one other thing – android updates.

With android being upgraded many a time in a year, it is a challenge for Samsung to provide the required update after applying their skin over the vanilla version.  Apple can do this very easily as they have only few types of devices to update, and the software through which they stream the update is great. Samsung, on the other hand, have got many different versions of Galaxy Ss to cater to, let alone the other android devices they sell. And their software is pretty unheard of (kies). Their biggest challenge is to stream the update to many galaxy Ss around the world. Moreover, every time they stream an update, the update would be plagued with many bugs. It gives an impression that they are under-staffed.

But HTC, as is reported, are doing a fine job in update streaming. So why not Samsung? I got the upgrade to froyo a month ago on my galaxy S. And now I regret doing it. It’s buggier than the previous eclair update. I have been experiencing many lags and reboots for the past month. And I’m eagerly waiting for the 2.2.1 froyo update for my phone, which from the things as it seems, will take ages. At this rate I really wonder when the Galaxy Ss around are going to taste gingerbread.

I guess the only way around is for Samsung to start giving vanilla updates to the galaxy s, as it seems integrating samsung’s layer over the android is taking a lot of time. Otherwise there would be 10million frustrated galaxy s users. 🙂


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