Cycles in India – Refresh

Yup, I have written that post[0] long back. Yup, I was naive. I was dreadfully noob-ish. Come on, how can you get more stupid than me for not even googling out on this topic!? Shame on me!

As it turns out, there are hardcore cyclists in India[1]. And there are far more brands[2][3] then I could possibly imagine. I am glad to know that cycling craze is spreading like wild fire all over the country (though among a billion people, this wild fire might look like a fire on a match stick, 🙂 ).  When I was thinking like a 20-30km max for a good long ride, there are people who regularly travel for 100km! Oh I was overjoyed hearing that. And now I know it, I want to be a part of this fire of passion for cycling!

It´s still early days for me. The max I might have traveled on a bike (not a motor bike, :p) was 10km. It was back in those school days, when I was crazy about cycles like Hero X-treme, Hercules Top Gear (which served me for over 10 years!). The best part of cycling is that I could go almost anywhere possible and that I could enjoy the scenery around and that I did this without any fuel except water into my body. Those days I used to dream myself biking around the pristine forests of Western Ghats, seeing the clouds skim over the beautiful green hills, watching the dew drops fall from the leaves of the evergreen trees, listen to sound of peacocks with sounds of joy for the rain bearing clouds coming to greet the hills. Enough said, I just wanna be there, and now I know that there are people like me already doing it! Oh God, I am such a lazy idiot! Continue reading