Apps that I like to see made…

Using android for more than a year has left me a so called “app-maniac”. I like got around 300 apps in the phone and I check out apps almost daily! Surely android has etched a space in my life and I’m making it count too! (hopefully with me making new apps).

And there are times, when I am trying out apps, that I yearn for apps to made or wish the current apps be better. It certainly is a long list, but in this post I like to point out few which I feel would a make a real impact on the lives of not only android, but all mobile users.

Color app

I used to follow this app when it was released, but the idea of starting another relationship in a new social environment deterred me off. But until recently I stumbled upon this article which talks about integrating this app with Facebook. Then I started dreaming about it!

Ok, basically this app will let any user take a snapshot of wherever they are, like say you are in front of the Eifel tower, and you let friends check it out instantly. It’s as if friends can “visit” your place by seeing the pics you snapped at that moment! How cool is that! I’m totally gonna use this app! (more)

Infinity Blade on Android

Oh, it’s a lovely game. The graphics was awesome, and the game thrilling as ever. When will I ever get to see it running on my Galaxy S. And not only this, why aren’t there many great looking graphics games on android. Sure Angry Birds, Cut the rope and others have been ported to android, but come on games in iOS look far more polished – try Fruit Slice on both and see the difference!

Facebook new app with Timeline

Facebook’s new features are good, if not great. The profile cover feature is really awesome and has set apart from many of the social networking (though I’ve a nagging feeling there is reminiscence of Orkut in it’s UI). Now how would this transcend to the mobile front will be exciting to see.

Google Talk Video

Oh come on, when would it come? I’ve been waiting for this since a year, and now with hangout being a real cool feature of Google+, I just want it on my Galaxy S! Buhahahahaah… Please Sammy and Google, listen to me and will you oh so send that update already to the Indian galaxy S users!?!!?


I’m a big fan of the Drums app in iOS. It’s so slick and so addictive. Why can’t they port it over to android?? There are many Drums apps in the android market, but none are even close to the trademark Drums app in iOS. I sometimes used to head to the Apple store just to play with this app on iPad!

Similarly there are many instruments that I’d like to see on the android market (which are already there in the iTunes marketplace) (Tabla for example?)


I just can’t fathom why VLC has not been ported to android. It’s already been released (and rejected, so I’ve heard) in the iOS and android being open source should also get a version of the VLC. Is it the fragmentation that has made VLC shy getting into the android market. Right now it’s available in the pre-alpha stage (which is not official) but hopefully get to see it very soon.

Flourish of iOS on Android

Yeah, this is not an app. But this is something I’ve been a bit disappointed on Google when they announced many a iteration of the Android. iOS is famously known for the way everything carried out with a nice flourish. Yeah, Galaxy S2 might be the answer (faster processor, greater RAM) but the iPhones were never that strong on the hardware front and yet bring that beautiful flourish to everything in iOS. Maybe I’m asking too much but why not!?


Ok, that’s all I got to say about it for a while now. I most likely would keep updating this post whenever I get my yearnings for anything in android or mobile space. Until then do enjoy Pixlr-o-matic. A truly beautiful app!