Thoughts on WWDC ’12

It’s been quite a while since the last post. Actually I have a lot of drafts up in the wordpress dashboard, but remain as it is. Wish this one makes it through!

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference commenced yesterday and boy was it good! It’s been sometime since people came of being excited from an Apple’s event since Steve Jobs demise. Actually I had assumed so as every event after same has been met with criticism and letting down expectations. This time though they seemed to have arrested the slide. I’m going to pen down my thoughts on this event and what to expect from Apple in the future.

First, let me get this straight. I have followed the recent Apple conferences with the aid of tech sites, Engadget, Gizmodo to name a few. More so I have begun to develop a liking towards Apple’s philosophy with products I own. Whatever I criticize is just for fun and more of letting my mind free of it. I welcome any kind of comment, though I don’t expect much. Anyways here goes.

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Apps that I like to see made…

Using android for more than a year has left me a so called “app-maniac”. I like got around 300 apps in the phone and I check out apps almost daily! Surely android has etched a space in my life and I’m making it count too! (hopefully with me making new apps).

And there are times, when I am trying out apps, that I yearn for apps to made or wish the current apps be better. It certainly is a long list, but in this post I like to point out few which I feel would a make a real impact on the lives of not only android, but all mobile users.

Color app

I used to follow this app when it was released, but the idea of starting another relationship in a new social environment deterred me off. But until recently I stumbled upon this article which talks about integrating this app with Facebook. Then I started dreaming about it!

Ok, basically this app will let any user take a snapshot of wherever they are, like say you are in front of the Eifel tower, and you let friends check it out instantly. It’s as if friends can “visit” your place by seeing the pics you snapped at that moment! How cool is that! I’m totally gonna use this app! (more)

Infinity Blade on Android

Oh, it’s a lovely game. The graphics was awesome, and the game thrilling as ever. When will I ever get to see it running on my Galaxy S. And not only this, why aren’t there many great looking graphics games on android. Sure Angry Birds, Cut the rope and others have been ported to android, but come on games in iOS look far more polished – try Fruit Slice on both and see the difference!

Facebook new app with Timeline

Facebook’s new features are good, if not great. The profile cover feature is really awesome and has set apart from many of the social networking (though I’ve a nagging feeling there is reminiscence of Orkut in it’s UI). Now how would this transcend to the mobile front will be exciting to see.

Google Talk Video

Oh come on, when would it come? I’ve been waiting for this since a year, and now with hangout being a real cool feature of Google+, I just want it on my Galaxy S! Buhahahahaah… Please Sammy and Google, listen to me and will you oh so send that update already to the Indian galaxy S users!?!!?


I’m a big fan of the Drums app in iOS. It’s so slick and so addictive. Why can’t they port it over to android?? There are many Drums apps in the android market, but none are even close to the trademark Drums app in iOS. I sometimes used to head to the Apple store just to play with this app on iPad!

Similarly there are many instruments that I’d like to see on the android market (which are already there in the iTunes marketplace) (Tabla for example?)


I just can’t fathom why VLC has not been ported to android. It’s already been released (and rejected, so I’ve heard) in the iOS and android being open source should also get a version of the VLC. Is it the fragmentation that has made VLC shy getting into the android market. Right now it’s available in the pre-alpha stage (which is not official) but hopefully get to see it very soon.

Flourish of iOS on Android

Yeah, this is not an app. But this is something I’ve been a bit disappointed on Google when they announced many a iteration of the Android. iOS is famously known for the way everything carried out with a nice flourish. Yeah, Galaxy S2 might be the answer (faster processor, greater RAM) but the iPhones were never that strong on the hardware front and yet bring that beautiful flourish to everything in iOS. Maybe I’m asking too much but why not!?


Ok, that’s all I got to say about it for a while now. I most likely would keep updating this post whenever I get my yearnings for anything in android or mobile space. Until then do enjoy Pixlr-o-matic. A truly beautiful app!

The next leap of technology.

A few days ago, HP announced the tablet version of the WebOS – the TouchPad. WebOS is a great operating system for the mobile. Since the takeover of the Palm company, HP has wasted no time to put the acquired resources to place. Across the Atlantic ocean, Nokia has announced the partnership with Microsoft to ship Windows Phone 7 in the Nokia phones. Though a lot to be done, WP7 is a great OS in the making. Back to North America, Honeycomb was well received for being a great android OS for the tablet version, and many indications point to the fact that these slick features would be made available to the smartphones also. And iOS, as always, is the undisputed king of mobile operating systems around.

Now what’s common among all these operating systems and others I’m yet to mention? The user experience. Every manufacturer, be it the computers, smartphones, tablets etc know that usability has become the primary criteria for their successful business ventures. A good example is the Symbian platform. Even though it is a good OS, symbian failed in the category of user experience. The latest updates have failed to address this matter. As a result, their numbers among the hands of the users are declining drastically, and so is their desperate steps to join hands with Microsoft. RIM realized this fact too well, and has come up with Playbook that has the potential of a great device with a smart OS. Thus, there’s a general shift towards making the products more user-friendly than adding features.

But this trend has a side-effect. There would come a day when all the smartphone or computer operating systems would be equal in terms of user experience. And there is, I believe, a limit to how much more user-friendly a device can be made. Also as is evident in the present competition, the difference in features among the competing devices would be negligible. At that time, it would be a matter if taste of the users. That might lead to even-ing out of the competition, leading to lesser profit generation, finally ending up with lack of willingness among the producers to make these devices.

Or it could be that some new innovation can up the ante for any company. I believe that right now companies should look to look for new ideas, out of the box, that could spice up their devices and thus bring about change in the technological landscape. There are many examples in the past which validates this point. Take for instance the iPhone, which brought in a whole new way of how people see and use the touch phones. Apple also brought in the PC – personal computing revolution, which changed the entire world. Google and facebook has changed the way people use the Internet.

But the current trend is to copy what others started and add on some new features. Android, at it’s infancy, was very similar to iOS. And then it was made possible to make it available to a whole variety of the masses and thus gaining wider acceptance. Sony are using the android platform to push their PlayStation engine into the phones. Microsoft has made a brave effort to provide a different user interface for the smartphones, but still has lots to do to catch up. Nokia-Intel’s Meego project is on very similar lines as that if the android. There are many others to indicate that real innovation is stagnant, and all these companies are trying to do is make their product more attractive.

I guess we should now be looking at various ways technology can leap forward. Maybe there would be a time when people would be groping in air instead of on the touch screens. There maybe a time when the devices can do things just as we think about it by reading our mind. Maybe a combination of the technology used in Kinect, Pranav Mistry’s Sixth sense, and a mind reading technology could the hit the shelves of mobile stores one day. Maybe afterall we would be interacting the way the guys at Microsoft dreamt of, in their video of the world in 2019. Whatever it maybe, the times ahead may or may not be awesome, but I personally would look towards Apple for the next leap of technology. 🙂