Home-the Movie

One fine day, after the satisfaction of submitting the packages to OpenSolaris Source Juicer as part of a project, I was spending time at the lab chatting, thinking of going home that night. And in the evening, we were all called to watch a documentary, which was said to be the most moving ever among all documentaries relating to saving our environment. Well, most of us were reluctant, as I do think these documentaries a bit boring honestly. But anyways I was pulled out of the lab, and took seat in the E-Learning centre with AC full on. I thought I might enjoy the AC and take nice rest. So after scanning the place, filled with faculties and others alike, I set my eyes on the big screen where many pairs of eyes glued to. The documentary went through many aerial shots of beautiful landscapes, trees, rivers, waterfalls, ice caps, everything they showed. I did not heed to the commentary much. But later I was absorbed into it, not because of the beautiful landscapes it showcased, but the reality that was happening in the world. One startling fact for me was the amount of food grains generated by the US for the cattle farming, so that the meat consumption can be met. I couldn’t believe this one fact. Continue reading