The Modern and not so modern youth

I came across this article (suggested by Vipin sir), about the how the youth have been for the past century. You can read the article from this link….

At first, when I began reading it, I thought how could young people in India be happy according to Bertrand Russell? I’ve seen many of my friends, including myself, to be victims of something or the other, and not be happy all the time.

But as I continued reading the article, I realized how true Mr. Russell has said. Continue reading



One afternoon, my friend had visited my home. As the chat went on, I asked him about his younger sister. He then narrated a story :

That Friday was usual, Mom’s great breakfast, last night’s Bangalore Royal Challenger’s (My team!) victory, had a nice time with the backyard cats, the chit-chats with the neighbours, a good lunch of rice and beans, but it all changed with the sobs. Continue reading

Wanna smoke????? think twice…..

Smoking KillsI hate smoking. I’ve not had an experience of smoking, but I do know the effects it can have on people. Infact, as a small kid, I did have a puff or two at the party where my Dad went. I don’t remember it much, but I’m in no mood to do it again. Smoking is bad, I can tell you very bluntly. I actually believe drinking alcohol is fine, if it’s under moderation. It’s even better though that you don’t drink now smoke. But smoking is itself BAD. Continue reading

Are you Indian?

India, once called the Golden Sparrow, lost it’s sheen after many invasions and colonisation. Today, India stands as a free country for more than 60 years, yet we still have what the many rulers of Pre-Independence era have left behind.

What I’m talking about is the Poverty, caste, religious hate, etc. Corruption has taken to a new high, with many tainted politicians coming to power, voted by the citizens who lament about Government’s inability to administer the Country. Many governments have passed, some have led into many scams and scandals.

But it does take time for India to come out rising, for now the people that make up this country, and one-sixth of this world, have stepped up the pressure. They no longer listen to the words alone that come out of the many politicians. No longer are people take the family bondings as the reason they must be elected. They now look into what actions they can take, what results were produced, and what can be done for the growth of a nation that once upon a time was the supreme nation of the World.

The recent General elections was a testimonial to this fact. More and more citizens of India have come to realize this fact. More and more are contributing to the country by voting. More and more have joined the stream of politics as they no longer can tolerate crooks taking control of them. The General Elections 2009 resulted in the most stable government in the recent times, and will hope against hope that India will be steered to the course of development and progress.

But General elections is one thing, our involvement is another.  We, as citizens of India, have a responsibility in our hands. It’s not that we must feed the poor, clean the streets, launch some campaign or something. We ourselves must be responsible. By responsible I mean that be a good Citizen of India. We can play a small part, like for example throwing waste into into dust bin, helping out people if you have time to, etc. As a more responsible person, we can educate others on what is right and what is wrong. We can educate men the ill effects a cigarette can have on not only to himself, but on others. There are many, many things that we can do to Lead India by the streets, by the houses and streams, the roads and all.

I’m only a mere mortal, and not a Mahatma. But I can myself a True Indian because I serve my Country, and only my country. I know that by taking small steps, we can help make our country a better country, an unique country. I’m proud to be an Indian, but that’s not enough. I must prove my worth, for only then I can truly be proud of being an Indian. You can voice your worth for now by checking out this link Lead India, an initiative taken by the Times Of India. Also, if you but may as well create a new anthem, or build on some other anthem, you can check out this link

For now, you can also check out some videos promoted by the Lead India campaign. Hope these videos can inspire you. Some of my favourite Lead India Campaign Videos are below………..

Bharat Mata Ki Jai……………….