Project Creation Failed – Visual Studio 2008

vs08Now you are trying to create a project in Visual Studio 2008, like web or C#, and you are getting the error “Project <project name> Creation Failed….” or something like that at the status bar. So what you are going to do?

Well, there are a few ways of doing, but the one that got me working is this.

Go to Command Prompt (press Win button + r to get run command and type cmd).

Now go to visual studio directory. Normally it is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE

Then type command “devenv /ResetSkipPkgs”

So that worked for me.

I guess you can also simply type the above command in the run box itself.

The reason seems that few packages are skipped during loading…… Check this link

If that did not work you, try these links out

If none of them works, try re-installing it ! 🙂