Vista SP2 has arrived

The Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista has finally arrived after months of testing. It can be downloaded using the automatic updates, like I did this morning. Also you can download it from the Microsoft Download site.

Some of the features of the SP2 are

  • Event logging support in SPC
  • Fixes for DRM issues from WMP upgrades
  • Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless
  • Functionality to reduce resources required for sidebar gadget

You can read more about the changes in SP2 in this blog.

I downloaded this morning, it’s about 375mb size, and took around 1 and half hours for install. It got stuck at booting for quite a long time (I actually rebooted several times, till I found out that it was part of installation process!). Frankly, there’s no big difference after installation, except that system properties shows vista sp2…. 🙂 … Anyways, those of you who still stick on to Vista must download this, cuz this improves security……..whatever…..