Don’t download Vista Service Pack 2!

Over the past one year, I’ve been using Windows Vista (infact one of the few in the college who backs Vista!), but now it sucks, I’m telling you, cuz it looks as if Microsoft’s wanna make it look really bad, with the last release, Service Pack 2 destroyed my faith in Vista. After installing Service Pack 2 (which took nearly one and half hours), rebooted several times as only a blank screen showed up, and nothing used to come until finally I did have the patience to sit through the blank screen and finally it came back. But after that, Vista was going haywire! Many services stopped working, like search indexing, and booting took a real long time! I decided then to uninstall Service Pack 2, which proved to be doomsday for Vista in my notebook! It simply stopped logging in after uninstallation cuz windows license has been wiped out! Man, I’d enough of Vista, and now looking at other alternatives. I’ve ubuntu 9.04, which is good (not without it’s share of problems!) and windows 7 which, honestly, is the most user friendly operating system ever! I bet it beats Mac too! And it’s good too, cuz now Microsoft guys are looking for developers to hop into the Windows development. They are allowing more freedom for users to tweak 7. So for now, I’m looking to forgo Vista, and I suggest you NEVER download SP2, it’s at your risk!

Ps : If you ever want to try uninstalling SP2, then check my other post…..

Uninstalling Vista SP2