Porting Packages into Opensolaris IPS repository

Date : June 6th, 2009

It had taken me a week to motivate myself to come to college to do something. I’ve been a couch potato, surfing the net and watching the idiot box while I keep munching on food every minute or so. I finally took heed of my mentor’s advice to come to college and do something useful. He was also the one who prompted me to keep blogging.

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Create IPS packages for opensolaris

I have written a document which deals with how one can create IPS(Image Packaging System) packages for OpenSolaris. The document is here

Create IPS Packages for OpenSolaris

Any doubts, please do comment or mail me.

I’ll also post about my submissions to Open Solaris Source Juicer soon. Currently I have submitted a few, but waiting for it’s review.