India and Mohali

After another bountiful of laughs watching Russell Peters deliver his lines, I decided to nap off the afternoon. And then my mind drifted to the match next day that is to be held at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru. This drift of thoughts took me to the stunning victory of India the previous match, which took the Aussies breath away. Evidently there must have been a lot of thoughts out in the blog space here, but I just couldn’t resist jotting my points of view here. And the following paragraphs, I would discuss some genteel moments of the match. Sure it’s not going to be another view point, just jotting down of thoughts that flow through my mind.

This test match was played on Mohali which has grown to be the strongest bastion of Indian cricket. Since the Windies trumped the Indians in 1994, no one was able to break the superiority Indians had on this ground. The last time Aussies were here in 2008, they were handed one of the biggest defeats in their cricketing history, a defeat by more than 300 runs! 10 years ago people would hardly fathom the idea that Indians could inflict such defeat on the baggy greens! This time though, it’s not going to be the usual kind of pitch the Indians would have preferred. Heavy rains have dampened the pitch so much that even the curator was nervous that the pitch could sustain the 5 days of intense battle between the 2 teams. It reminded me of that forgettable test match at Mumbai between these two not so long ago.

Eventually though the pitch played a crucial role in culturing one of the best test matches in recent history! As one of the commentators put it aptly, it was a tug-of-war kind of game, with neither team holding the advantage outright. Everybody played a part in it to spoon in the spice. However, few players did matter the most in this test match, that would proceed now…… Continue reading


All about bi-cycles in India

Yup, this is a break from the ordinary. But it’s my ultimate desire to go cycling through the whole of India! I was a born cyclist, and nothing gives me so much satisfaction than riding on a bike and pedaling through the windy roads here. So here’s a small guide to how you can get yourself a good bike to taste the same satisfaction…. Continue reading

Pakistan and the IPL

IPL season 3 has begun. Bigger than ever, IPL has proven to be an yearly extraveganza people would hate to miss. And with such a huge event, controversies are bound to sprout. The latest in line is the most peculiar of all. The auction process for the players began and at the end of it none of the players from Pakistan were taken. Everyone except the IPL franchisees were flabbergasted. The Pakistanis were furious. How the Pakistani players, who were crowned the T20 champions, were not at all considered by the IPL teams? They sense treachery behind all this. But truth is there are logical reasons. Here’s why. Continue reading

The Modern and not so modern youth

I came across this article (suggested by Vipin sir), about the how the youth have been for the past century. You can read the article from this link….

At first, when I began reading it, I thought how could young people in India be happy according to Bertrand Russell? I’ve seen many of my friends, including myself, to be victims of something or the other, and not be happy all the time.

But as I continued reading the article, I realized how true Mr. Russell has said. Continue reading

Recession, my views….

Year 2009. The year will be remembered, of course, for the biggest recession in the World’s free trade history. It has affected nearly every corner of the globe. Even I’m affected, for we have to move to another home on account of this! Every economy has seen sharp falls in their stock markets. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy, many have already given thousands of red letters to their employees, many factories have been shut, fall in demand of automobiles and more. Yes, this indeed is the biggest recession, and governments around the world are spending huge resources on restoring the markets, US shelling out nearly a trillion dollars. And there would be one small voice, not that small though, who would be saying – “See what capitalism has done? Now they regret in going against socialism!”.
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